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Home Base Services

Early Head Start- Home Base offers home visits for children 0 months to 3 years of age. During each visit, an activity or experience will be presented to the family and the child to enjoy together. The focus is to develop the parent's skills as the child's first teacher.  A Home Educator provides weekly lessons for 90 minutes in the home. These lessons are scheduled to meet the needs of the family. Home Educators provide a total of 46 home visits within the school year. Twice a month Group Socialization Activities or GSA Meetings are scheduled to bring these families together and to further develop parenting skills. Socializations are created to introduce families, learn about important topics, share parenting joys and frustrations, and strengthen the relationship between the parent and the child. Every parent is a member of the program's parent committee upon becoming part of the program. Through this committee, they develop curriculum, inform policies and elect representatives to the policy council. 
For more information contact our Home Educators at
 (806) 363- 7680