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Sharon Lowrey » Mrs. Lowrey's Head Start PK3 Class

Mrs. Lowrey's Head Start PK3 Class

Welcome to our class! 
Just a little information about me.  I have lived in Hereford since I was 7 years old.  I graduated from Hereford High school and furthered my education at Angelo State University.  I received a BBA degree and worked for 9 years in that field, 4 of them in San Diego, CA.   I married and my husband's job brought me back to Hereford.  While searching for work here, I did some substitute teaching and realized how much I loved children.  Never ever thinking that I would go back to school, I did and received my teaching certification. I have 3 children whom all attended Hereford High School.  All have graduated!   I have been teaching for 24 years total, 21 years at Hereford ISD.  I have been very blessed with a wonderful family, friends and co-workers.
Our Class Schedule:
7:40-8:10   Breakfast
8:10-8:30   Moving /                      Learning
8:30-8:45  Meet/Greet
8:45-9:00  Morning                       Message
9:00-9:30  Literacy Small Groups
9:30-10:10 Literacy Centers
10:10-10:25  Circle Time
10:25-11:10  P.E./Teacher's Conference
11:10-11:25  Water/Restroom/Wash Hands
11:25-11:55  Lunch
11:55-12:30  Math Small Groups
12:30--1:00  Journals/ Brush Teeth
1:00-1:35  Quiet time
1:35-1:45  Frog Street Esongs
1:45-2:00  Snack
2:00-2:30  Centers
2:30-2:45  Recess
2:45-3:00  Water/ Closing Circle
3:00-3:15  Get ready for dismissal