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Tierra Blanca Early Childhood Center

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  1. Hello! Welcome to our P-3 Head Start Classroom. I have been teaching at Hereford ISD for 19 years.  This is my 14th year in the P-3 program.  We are looking forward to having your child in our room this year!  
Here are a few educational website and the links.  Have fun learning with your little one!
National Geographic  

Diaz 2021/2022 Schedule

7:30-7:40  welcome

7:40-8:15  restroom, breakfast, clean up

8:15-8:30  morning routine

8:30-8:45 read aloud

8:45-9:00 discussion and prepare for centers

9:00-10:00  centers

10:00-10:10 large group

10:15-11:00 PE (teacher conference)

11:00-11:15 get drinks, large group/explain small group

11:15-11:40 small groups/rotate

11:45-11:55 restroom

12:00-12:30 lunch/teacher duty-free lunch

12:35-12:55 recess

1:00-1:15. restrooms/drinks/get mats and blankets

1:20-2:05 naptime

2:10-2:15 put mats and blankets away

2:15-2:30  2nd read aloud/revisit the day

2:35-2:45  restroom break

2:50-3:05  snacks

3:10 prepare for dismissal

3:10-3:20 dismissal

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Regina Diaz
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